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Proctorial Board at the University


The Indira Gandhi National Tribal University (IGNTU) vide its Ordinance No. 11 (Section 31(1)(r) of the IGNTU Act) has established the Office of the Proctor. The Proctor is a statutory officer of the University and heads this organization.


To provide a transparent security system that could strengthen the overall academic ambience of University, and promotes free flow of knowledge in a fully secure environment.

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The office is established with following objectives:
1. To look into all security concerns of the University
2. To maintain discipline amongst the student community
3. To forestall acts of individual or collective indiscipline through issuance of notices, warning and instructions
4. To protect the property of the University.
5. To establish and maintaining liaison between the University and district administration for smooth functioning of the University; and to avoid misunderstanding and over-doing on the part of police.
6. To advise the University on the critical and sensitive issues which may disturb the peace and stability of the University.


The Office of the Proctor is a two-tier organization:
1. There is a Proctorial Board headed by the Proctor, a statutory officer of the University.
2. A contingent of security personnel hired from an outside agency headed by the Security Officer(s)
The entire system functions under the unified command of the Proctor aided by Deputy Proctors and Assistant Proctors (i.e., the Proctorial Board).

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Members of Proctorial Board

Name Designation
Prof. M.T.V Nagaraju Proctor
Prof. Subrata Jana Deputy Proctor
Dr. Govind Prasad Mishra Deputy Proctor
Dr. Rekha Rani Deputy Proctor
Dr. Amit Soni Deputy Proctor
Dr. Chandramauli Deputy Proctor
Dr. Sarntosh kumar Sonker Deputy Proctor
Dr. Sushil kumar Singh Assistant Proctor
Dr. Desh Deepak Chaudhary Assistant Proctor
Dr. Pallavi Das Assistant Proctor
Dr. Janardhana B. Assistant Proctor
Dr. Akhilesh Tiwari Assistant Proctor
Dr. Vinay Kumar Yadav Assistant Proctor
Dr. Jayaprakashnarayana G. Assistant Proctor
Dr. Vasu Choudhary Assistant Proctor