University Forms & Formats

General Forms   Download  
Form No : No Dues   No Dues Certificate Form for University Employee 
Form No :Form 1   Common Nomination Form for Gratuity, General Provident Fund and Central Government Employees' Group Insurance Scheme 
  Undertaking Form in respect of 7CPC Implementation (Only for IGNTU Employees)
Administrative Forms   Download  
Form No :A1   Application form for Casual Leave for CL/RH/(CompensatoryOff -for staff) 
Form No :A2   LEAVE APPLICATION FORM (For Leaves other than CL / RH/ DL)  
Form No :A3   Duty Leave (Dl) Application Form 
Form No :A4   Joining Report After Availing Leave 
Form No :A5   Joint declaration for claiming reimbursement of medical expenses/ leave travel concession/ children education alllowance (in case both are govt. Employees)  
Form No :A6   Requisition For dispatch By Post 
Form No :A7   Vehicle Requisition Form  
Form No :A8   Declaration to be filed for claiming HRA 
Form No :A9   Parental Income Declaration Form 
Form No :A10   Declaration of the Dependant Family Members of the employee  
Form No :A11   Declaration by Employee for furnishing information at the time of joining 
Form No :A12   Requisition form for booking of Guest House  
Form No :A13 -IT 1  Requisition for Opening an Official E-Mail ID in domain server  
Form No :A14   Information required for issue of Identity Card  
Form No :A15   Vehicle Requisition Form  
Form No. 16. Annual Immovable Property Return Form  
Form No. 17. Medical Illness Fitness Certificate Form  
Financial Form   Download  
Form No :F1 Furnishing the details of Bank Account, PAN Card and Aadhar Number for crediting salary& other reimbursements by the University.  
Form No :F2 Claim For Reimbursement Of Telephone / Mobile/Broad Bandexpenses
Form No :F3 Claim for Reimbursement of Children Education Assistance  
Form No :F4 Claim For Reimbursement Of Medical Expenses  
Form No :F5 Travel / Tour Schedule Cum Advance Approval Request  
Form No :F6 Travelling Allowance Claim / Settlement Of Advance  
Form No :F7 Request For Leave Travel Concession And Advance  
Form No :F8 Leave Travel Concession Claim  
Form No :F9 General Advance Request Form  
Form No :F10 General Advance Settlement Form  
Form No :F11 Travelling Allowance /Claim Form For External/ Expert Members  
Form No :F12 Claim For Reimbursement Of Local Conveyance  
Other Forms   Download  
Form No :O1 Format to Apply for Higher Education