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Department of Computer Science

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Prof. Vikash Singh

Qualification : MCA, NET-JRF,Ph.D.
Contact No. : 07587169076
eMail : vikash.singh@igntu.ac.in

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Dr. Neeraj Kumar Rathore

Associate Professor & Head
Qualification : B.E. [CSE], GATE, M.E. [CSE], Ph.D. [CSE]
Specialization: Machine Learning, IoT, BigData, Cloud Computing, Database, Data Structure, Algorithms, etc.
Contact No. : 9479333899
eMail : neeraj.rathore@igntu.ac.in, neerajrathore37@gmail.com

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Dr. Abhishek Bansal

Assistant Professor
Qualification : Ph.D.(DU), MCA, NET-JRF
Specialization :– Image Processing, Steganography Tech
Contact No. : 09575391842
eMail : abhishek.bansal@igntu.ac.in

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Dr. Pawan Singh

Assistant Professor
Qualification : Ph.D., MCA(HBTI Kanpur), UGC - NET, GATE
Specialization : Vehicular Ad-hoc Network, MANET, Flying Ad-hoc Network, Sensor Networks
Contact No. : 08719888756
eMail : pawan.singh@igntu.ac.in

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Dr. Sudesh Kumar

Assistant Professor
Qualification : Ph.D.,M.E.(CSE), GATE, UGC-NET
Specialization :MANET & Flying Ad-hoc Network, Theoritical Computer Science, Automata Theory & Fuzzy Logic
Contact No. : 07869171069
eMail : sudesh.kumar@igntu.ac.in

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Dr. Narayan Bhosale

Assistant Professor
Qualification : Ph.D. (Computer Science)
Specialization : Cyber Forensics, Security Engineering, Cyber Crime Legal Investigation, Digital Image Processing, Adhoc Network, IoT With AI, Machine learning, Blockchain Technology and Data Science.
Contact No. :9766868984
eMail :narayanbhosale@igntu.ac.in

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Dr. Suhel Ahmad Khan

Assistant Professor
Qualification : MCA, PhD
Specialization : Software Engineering, Software Security, Security Testing
Contact No. :9407584019
eMail :suhelak@igntu.ac.in