Apex Body of SPARSH (ABS) and University Complaint Cell (UCC)

Apex Body of SPARSH (ABS)
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Apex Body of SPARSH (ABS):

Gender equity, including protection from sexual harassment and right to work with dignity is universally recognized basic human right. Eradication of social evils has been the prime aim of Constitution of India. Article 15 of the Constitution of India prohibits discrimination of grounds of religion, race, caste, sex, or place of birth. Article 42 makes provision for securing just and human conditions of work. Article 15 –A (e) makes it incumbent on every citizen to promote harmony and spirit of the common brotherhood amongst all the people of India transcending religious, linguistic, and regional of sectional diversities, to renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of women. India is also a signatory to the convention on the “Elimination forms of discrimination against women.” Resultantly, the IGNTU, Amarkantak hereby introduces and enforces Ordinance titled Sensitization, Prevention and Redressed of Sexual Harassment(SPARSH)

Objectives of Apex Body of SPARSH (ABS) at IGNTU :

  1. To promote and generate awareness about gender based discrimination, sexual harassment and other acts of gender based violence.
  2. To fulfill the directives of the Supreme Court enjoining all employees to develop and implement a policy against sexual harassment at the workplace.
  3. To uphold the commitments of the IGNTU, Amarkantak to provide campus environment free of gender-based discrimination, sexual harassment and other acts of gender-based violence.
  4. To ensure that the provisions of the ordinance are implemented in letter and spirit through proper reporting and redress of the complaints.

Handbook on Sexual Harassment of Women at WorkplaceM:

Handbook on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace for Employers / Institutions / Organisations/ Internal Complaints Committee / Local Complaints Committee - Government of India Ministry of Women and Child Development

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Measures for Ensuring the Safety of Women and Programmes for Gender Sensitization on Campus.

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Members of Apex Body of SPARSH (ABS) Cell

Dr. Poonam Sharma


Contact No : 9415587302, 7089207440, eMail : pnm245@yahoo.com

Five members representing various faculties/centers of which at least three shall be women i. Dr. Parikipandali Sridevi
ii. Ms. M.J. Arokine Marie
iii. Ms. Sunita Minz
iv. Dr. Ashish Mathur
v. Mr. Sanjeev Bakshi
Two students representative i. Mr. Sonu Singh
ii. Ms. Ankita Dwivedi
Two non-teaching staff of which at least one should be women i. Finance Officer, IGNTU
ii. Mrs. Sunnda
One women NGO representative Mrs. Shalini Saravagi, President Town Municipality, Budhar
One women counselor Mrs. Geeta Verma