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Pan-Indian Tribal Museum

Indira Gandhi National Tribal University (IGNTU) has established a Pan Indian Tribal Musuem with an objective of bringing the collective cultural heritage of tribal India under one roof, preserve these rich cultural heritage, facilitate the genres of communication, stimulate an exchange and cross-pollination of ideas, showcase a body of knowledge that runs the risk of being obliterated, and sensitise diverse stakeholders, i.e., students, academia, general public and others on the rich cultural heritages for which tribal India is known for. The museum was inaugurated on September 15, 2017 by Prof. T.V. Kattimani, the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of IGNTU. Prof. K.K. Mishra, Vice Chancellor, Utkal University of Culture was present on the occasion. Currently, the Pan Indian Tribal Museum houses over 1000 specimens; out of about six hundred objects were donated by Smt Pushpa and Dr. H.M. Sharda, collected by them from tribal communities of central India and other places. Other displayed objects were collected by the students of various departments, i.e., Dept of Anthropology, Tribal Studies, etc., of the university from central India.. The collected materials are displayed in five galleries in glass framed showcases with or without pedestals. Attempts have been made for thematic display. The collections of this museum, still in the process, has a wide varieties of specimens. The collected and exhibited anthropological or ethnographic materials of this museum can broadly be grouped in to different categories like - Household artifacts, Basketry, Bamboo / Wood Craft, Hunting Implements and Weapons, Fishing Implements, Agriculture Implements, Earthen and Terracotta, Personal Care, Dress and Ornaments, Musical Instruments etc.

For further information please contact:

Prof. Prasanna K. Samal, Head, Dept. of Tribal Studies & Dean, Faculty of Tribal Studies, IGNTU (prasanna.samal@igntu.ac.in / samal.prasanna@gmail.com) or Dr. Gauri S. Mahapatra, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Tribal Studies, IGNTU (gs.mahapatra@igntu.ac.in)