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Hindi was declared as the Official Language of the Union as per Section 343 of the Constitution. With this it became the duty of the Government of India that it disseminated and propagated the Hindi Language in such a way that it can become the medium of expression of all elements of India's contemporary culture. It is the responsibility of the administrative head of every office of the Central Government to make proper efforts to ensure its use in government works. In this sequence, orders are issued by the Government of India from time to time for the purpose and compliance of Official Language. The Rajbhasha Cell of the University along with the compliance of Official Language Rules does translation work apart from organizing poetry conferences, seminars, workshops and computer skill development programmes from time to time for dissemination of Official Language Hindi. An active role is also played by the Cell members in the other programmes and seminars conducted in the University. More than 80 percent employees of the University are proficient with the working knowledge of Hindi. The students are educated through Hindi medium and question papers and other relevant materials are also issued in bilingual. Since the University is in a Hindi dominant region, most of the employees work in Hindi only. A brief detail of the works done by Rajbhasha Cell is given below: 1- Organizing of Haasya Kavi Goshthi: Haasya Kavi Goshthi is organized by the Cell during the year. This year Poets like Mukun Kaushal, Alok Sharma and Rameshwar Vaishnav amongst others enthralled everyone with their Haasya Kavita. Faculty members and students of the University and teachers of Kendriya Vidyalaya also read out poems in the poet meet. 2- Hindi Divas Samaroh: A special programme on Hindi Divas is organized by the Cell every year on 14 September. This year the Honourable Vice-Chancellor of the University Prof. T.V.Kattimani presided over the programme. Prof. Arvind, Dean, Education of Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University was the Chief Guest. 3- Organization of Hindi Fortnight: Every year Hindi Fortnight is organized in the month of September with the support of Hindi Department. Computer Training, Tribal songs and singing, special programmes for NCC and NSS students, Elocution, Essay, Photography Competition etc. are arranged during the programme. The participants are honoured with Ist, IInd and IIIrd prizes in solo and group categories. 4- Organizing special programme for NCC and NSS students: Cultural presentations were given by the students reflecting the active role of NCC and NSS students in the activities of the University. Regional dance, tribal songs, short dramas, national songs were presented in the programme. Students and student groups attaining Ist, IInd and IIIrd places were rewarded. 5- Organizing Tribal Songs and Singing Competition: Keeping in mind the goals of the University, a special programme was organized by the Cell on Tribal Songs and Singing for the conservation and promotion of Tribal Languages, in which Tribal Songs were presented by the students and staff. A plan to publish the same in the future is underway. 6- Organizing Poet’s Meet and Competition: A Poet conference was organized on 23 February 2017 for the encouragement and promotion of creative writing. The Poet’s Meet was arranged on two levels. First level consisted of students who were the original authors of the poems i.e. self-created poems and the second level comprised of our professors and assistant professors who were poet themselves. 7- Organizing Computer Skill Development Training Programme: This Training Programme is organized in the form of a series with the support of Department of Computer Science. The organization of the first series commenced from July 2017. This 6-8 day training programme consists of participants belonging to the University’s nearby Tribal Communities. 70 paticipants are incorporated in one series. Approximately 210 participants are trained annually. 8- Organizing Hindi Workshops: Hindi workshops are arranged for the staff with the aim of providing information related to the constitutional provisions, official language rules, act and quarterly and yearly report sent to the MHRD, increasing awareness related to the annual target issued by the MHRD, OL Dept. and accordingly encouraging for the target acquisition. Workshops consist of discussions on documents, basic correspondence under Section 3(3), rules for offices situated in Region ‘A’, details of ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘C’ regions, University being notified under OL Rule 10(4), Noting and Drafting as per rules, status of basic correspondence, status of letters received in English, their replies being given in Hindi, noting in Hindi, dictation in Hindi, name boards and information boards to be in bilingual, motivational schemes etc. apart from discussions on essential points with reference to policy and rules for giving pace to the propaganda of Official Language Hindi. 9- “Innovation” Workshop for Non-Hindi Speakers: During the year a special workshop “Innovation” series was commenced for the Non-Hindi faculty members, researchers and students. Under this workshop Hindi movies are shown to the participants post which reviews are presented by them in Hindi. The winners are honoured with Ist, IInd and IIIrd prizes which are given under two categories. On student level and faculty member/staff level. Approximately six “Innovation” workshops are organized under this series annually. 10- During 2012-13 all the stamps, signboards, nameboards etc. of the University were prepared by the Cell in bilingual and displayed in the University campus and distributed among the staff. 11- The translation work of the important documents of the University is done by the Cell which include the Annual Reports of the University, University Ordinance, Ph.D. Regulations-2016, Tenders, Notifications, Annual Confidential Report, Entrance Notifications, Entrance Examination Brochures, Office Order Notifications, Notice Boards, Signboards, etc. INITATIVES OF RAJBHASHA SECTION, IGNTU The Rajbhasha Cell of IGNTU since its inception is committed towards the goal accomplishment of the University and Official Language implementation. The Rajbhasha Cell has been consistently active in proper and satisfactory compliance of Official Language as per the directives issued by the Rajbhasha Department, MHRD, Government of India which include the conducting of Hindi Fortnight and Hindi Divas in September, making the usage of Official Language interesting among the staff, translation work, operation of Hindi among the staff and students, propagation and usage, awareness amongst Non-Hindi speakers, medium of expression amongst the faculty members in the usage of Hindi, etc. The Rajbhahsha Cell ensures all the information and content of the University being circulated, released, published and issued in bilingual so that the compliance of the Official Language rules can be done. 6- Certificate Course in Communicative Hindi: The University apart from the general implementation of Official Language, has recently undertaken the responsibility of teaching spoken Hindi to the Non-Hindi society which are deficient in the communication and spoken skill in the language. “Certificate Course in Communicative Hindi” is going to be started by the Rajbhasha Cell under which Non-Hindi faculty members, students, scholars and employees of the University will be receiving education by competent lecturers and teachers for becoming proficient in Basic Spoken Hindi and its usage. 7- Computer Skill Development Program: Rajbhasha Cell in collaboration with Computer Science Department has been training the University staff, especially the Security Personnel, Engineering Contract Workers and nearby community of vendors and residents in Computer Skill Development Training in a phased manner since July 2017. This Computer Skill Development Programme makes the staff literate in computer, enhances computer skills, simplifies the management of office works and makes them aware and capable in simple management of work culture. 8- “Innovation” Workshop Bi-monthly Arrangement: A Bi-monthly arrangement of “Innovation” Workshop is being done for the Non-Hindi speakers under which a movie is shown to the Non-Hindi speakers and in which reviews are given by the present faculty members, students and members of staff. 9- Thought Presentation on every Working Day: Thought and five Hindi and English words are displayed on each working day on white board by the Cell. 10- Official Language Implementation: The Rajbhasha Cell of the University works in proper and efficient co-ordination with the other departments for ensuring progressive usage and implementation of the Official Language. __________________


Dr. Archana Shrivastava

Dr. Archana Shrivastava

Hindi Officer
Academic Qualification : M.A. (English), M.Phil., Ph.D. (English), M.A. (Hindi)
Contact No. : 9407254328
eMail : hindiofficer@igntu.ac.in

Mr. Yugank Singh

Hindi Translator
Academic Qualification : M.A. (Hindi), PGDT, M.Phil.
Contact No. :9791967045
eMail : nds.273645@gmail.com

Mr. Bhaskar Kumar Varme

Hindi Typist
Academic Qualification : B.A., PGDCA
Contact No. :9407008558
eMail : bhaskar.varme@igntu.ac.in